Why Hope?

Hope is my all-time favorite word. Hope is what sustains us through the dark times. Hope is what keeps us moving forward even when all seems lost. Hope is the knowledge that life can be, will be, better.

What better message can there be to teach?

Especially when I specifically want to reach the struggling students. I want to teach at a school whose students come from high at-risk environments. I want the students who have obstacles to overcome in their lives. Those are my students – MINE.  

I was one of them. I remember feeling hopeless. I remember thinking that others could achieve, but not me. I remember realizing: “That’s for other people, not me.” I have learned differently, and I will pass that lesson on to my students. Yes, you can.  
Hope is a beacon of light, showing us that the darkness can be defeated. Hope is the belief that life can improve, and is essential to helping students overcome the problems in their lives.

But hope alone is not enough.

Students must be taught how to construct the path from here to there. If hope is a distant lighthouse, then the students must still figure out how to GET there. Never assume that students know how to achieve the goal they seek. Some may, but others will falter without a leader to show them how to navigate the journey.

I will be that person. I will show students not only what is possible, but how to get there. I will teach hope. 

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