I prefer Vygotsky’s development theory over Piaget’s.     Piaget has useful information when considering children’s abilities. I loved my professor’s comment, after showing us a video of a young child who thought there were more quarters in a line because they were spaced out more: “Without knowing about Piaget’s theory, you’d think that’s a […]

“But I AM bending my knee!” “But my shoulders ARE straight!” “But I AM touching my toes!” These are typical student responses that I’ve encountered when trying to improve their Tae Kwon Do techniques. It’s difficult to help students when they announce that they are doing exactly what you asked – even when you see […]

For every single instance I feel like I do well, there are many more times when I doubt that I handled the situation in the best manner. I’m a slight bit of a perfectionist (understatement of the year); I want to excel, which requires constant improvement. Improvement can only be obtained by seeing where you […]