I’ve been pondering over last semester’s teaching experience. In distilling it, I’ve found both strengths and weaknesses. The main ones are:    My Strength The students were engaged in my lessons! I easily captured their attention. My proudest moment was on the day when my lesson centered around news sources. That day, a new doughnut […]

I’ve been pondering on the differences between guys and gals, lately. More specifically, my musings are centered on the cultural contexts that we try to force people to uphold. In education articles, I’ve seen comments about how boys and girls learn better in different ways. Boys supposedly learn better with competition, girls with cooperation. Boys […]

Commonly Confused Words For words that are commonly confused, have the students draw comic strips that illustrate the difference between the two words. This allows the students to use humor and art skills while learning about words. The best comic strips will be photocopied and saved for reference for future classes. Maybe their work today […]

Sitting on the bench, Keying out tunes. Right hand’s a cinch, Left came in too soon. Play a chord here, A D, not an F. Play an arpeggio there, And remember it’s in treble clef. Too fast, too slow; Keep the tempo the same. Play that an octave low, And your volume’s a little lame. […]

Research doesn’t have to be boring. One way to get the juices flowing is to have students draw personal conclusions from the material they’ve gathered. One class I took in middle school really stuck in me: Heroes or Villains. We had to pick a historical figure, then determine whether that person was good or bad. […]

I taught my first lesson! Biggest Win of the Day: I had figured out how to relate the material to the students and then draw them to the big picture. That part went well! Better than I had expected, actually. All of the students were engaged, ready to be part of the conversation. (Almost a […]

The professor wanted to talk to us about filing into the classroom. So we went outside so that he could demonstrate. At one point, he spoke about how to handle rowdy students. As he was about to demonstrate how to handle these situations, he said: “Maybe if some of you could pretend to be rowdy…” […]

I’ve done my first field experience of the semester! Mostly just observation, but I got to help out a little and gave the students the pre-program survey. Biggest Mistake of the Day: Going too fast in explaining instructions to the class!! The teacher allowed me to go through the instructions of the pre-program with the […]

In his book Developing the Leaders Around You, John Maxwell notes that one characteristic of leaders is to not accept the current situation. Leaders are “in front, breaking new ground, conquering new worlds, moving away from the status quo” (40). They see what could be, rather than how life is now. I am currently taking […]