One of the elements of a good teacher is the ability to differentiate assignments. Part of this, according to the text I’m reading on Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, is the ability to identify low, middle, and high groups within students.   Honestly? The thought of lumping a group of children into a ‘low’ category makes […]

“Where should your other hand be?”   As I ask the entire group of students this question, I pull up my reserve hand, emphasizing how it is tucked next to my side. Then I glance around to observe the students’ reactions. Most of them are checking their hands at this point, while one student requires […]

Time for me to enter Future Land, where I draw conclusions and play with ideas that could prompt a return from my Future Self to snicker at the naive foolishness of my Yester Self. (In other words, please ignore that I’m nowhere near a classroom yet as I muse about how I would handle a […]

“But I AM bending my knee!” “But my shoulders ARE straight!” “But I AM touching my toes!” These are typical student responses that I’ve encountered when trying to improve their Tae Kwon Do techniques. It’s difficult to help students when they announce that they are doing exactly what you asked – even when you see […]