Recently, I learned that by taking an additional 3 classes, I can teach ESOL as well as English. Yes, please! My excitement extends beyond merely having more qualifications to increase my chances at finding a job. I LOVE working with students from different cultures. My dojang (Tae Kwon Do school) is, I believe, the most […]

Excited, scared, stressed, thrilled … that’s my life right now. Next fall, I will officially enter the education program. I will officially be in the school system, working with students (in an ACADEMIC manner, not just TKD!). There’s a lot to do in preparation for this, and that’s stressing me out. I’m so ready to […]

I’m currently going back to college to finish my teaching degree. This means that I’m a poor college student! So I will be adding some items occasionally that can earn me a small amount of money. Making money is not the main purpose of this site, nor will I overwhelm the content with selling items. […]

Hello, world. I remember typing this into my first coding project.  I don’t remember the language – Visual Basic, maybe?  Doesn’t matter; it’s become the standard text for first projects, to show coders how to display text in any given language.  This was ages ago, back when dinosaurs walked the Earth – or at least […]