You know something that I just realized?  I’ve been assisting in Tae Kwon Do classes long enough that the students who will test for their black belts this fall were white belts when I started.  One student in particular, I remember as a low belt; reflecting on his progress reminds me of how much things […]

I’ve been pondering over last semester’s teaching experience. In distilling it, I’ve found both strengths and weaknesses. The main ones are:    My Strength The students were engaged in my lessons! I easily captured their attention. My proudest moment was on the day when my lesson centered around news sources. That day, a new doughnut […]

This morning, I woke up from a nightmare where I couldn’t teach. More accurately, I was a lousy teacher in the dream; all of my ideals and beliefs were for naught. I had a classroom, but my students were getting worse rather than better. I’m over a year away from even OBSERVING classes, and I’m […]