Commonly Confused Words For words that are commonly confused, have the students draw comic strips that illustrate the difference between the two words. This allows the students to use humor and art skills while learning about words. The best comic strips will be photocopied and saved for reference for future classes. Maybe their work today […]

Sitting on the bench, Keying out tunes. Right hand’s a cinch, Left came in too soon. Play a chord here, A D, not an F. Play an arpeggio there, And remember it’s in treble clef. Too fast, too slow; Keep the tempo the same. Play that an octave low, And your volume’s a little lame. […]

Research doesn’t have to be boring. One way to get the juices flowing is to have students draw personal conclusions from the material they’ve gathered. One class I took in middle school really stuck in me: Heroes or Villains. We had to pick a historical figure, then determine whether that person was good or bad. […]

An idea that occurred to me, and I want to jot it down before it tumbles out of my memory: The main objective is to illustrate just how much a person’s point of view, their perspective, affects the information given. But … the students don’t know that. The lesson will introduced as an exercise in […]