Of Joy and Inspiration

While I am not the most chatty person on the Internet, there are certain blogs that I love to read. One of my absolute favorites is Deb’s The Monster In Your Closet blog. I love how her writing makes me think and helps encourage me. It is from her writing about blogging that I realized how important it is to keep on writing to develop the skill. Her posts gives me material to reflect upon when taking into consideration how issues such as racism and allergies can affect families and children – important issues for teachers to know!

So I feel privileged when she accepts a guest post from me! She asked about what brings us joy, and I love being able to share what really makes my days happy. Check it out on her blog – then check out her other writings!

Prescribing Joy: Finding Their Victories

(Note: Unfortunately, I’m a day late in writing this! Yesterday was my first day in the school classroom, and that took most of my spare focus and energy for a couple of days!)

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