The Outliers

You know something that I just realized?  I’ve been assisting in Tae Kwon Do classes long enough that the students who will test for their black belts this fall were white belts when I started.  One student in particular, I remember as a low belt; reflecting on his progress reminds me of how much things change in the years.

After so many years of helping, I’ve become fairly comfortable with assisting most students.  In general, I know how to scale my responses for various type of personalities and levels of training.  I can handle most levels of students.

Now, however, I am shifting my focus to the outliers – those few who I still struggle to reach.

My goal is more broad than just to reach these few students; I hope that, in learning to work with these individuals, I can broaden my range of effectiveness.  I want to reach ALL the students!

So far, I make more mistakes than anything else.  This student gets more upset when I try to encourage him, that student starts goofing off more when I try to get him to focus.  I worry sometimes that the head instructor will get upset with me, as sometimes I make the situation worse.  But I’m doing my best in creating new tactics to put in my teaching toolbox.

In other news, I jump into the education program at college in 2 weeks!  I’m so excited!  And a little bit nervous, but that’s okay.  I am not certain how much I will update this blog, once I get started.  I have a feeling that I am going to be very busy.

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