Teaching ESOL

Recently, I learned that by taking an additional 3 classes, I can teach ESOL as well as English.
Yes, please!

My excitement extends beyond merely having more qualifications to increase my chances at finding a job. I LOVE working with students from different cultures.

My dojang (Tae Kwon Do school) is, I believe, the most multi-cultural place in my little city. Our students are from all over the world! We have many Hispanic students, enough so that it’s commonplace to hear Spanish chatter in the lobby. (I’ve even learned to say “Walk! Camina!” when little kids run in the lobby.) We have many students from differing Asian cultures. We have students whose mothers wear hijabs or saris. (I love saris. They’re so beautiful!)   

We have students who do not speak English. At all. No problem! Tae Kwon Do is very physical, so it can be shown without words. We can teach the terminology as we go along. I’ve learned to say volumes in my expression, and sometimes I forgot to put words with the explanation even when working with native English speakers. (Bad English teacher! Bad!)

(We also teach a few Korean words. Once, the instructor told a Hispanic boy that he was going to learn another language, expecting the boy to be excited. Instead, the student groaned in response. “Noooooooo, ANOTHER??”)

I love working with the students from different countries. The idea of being able to continue that in the academic classroom is exciting!

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