Life Update

Excited, scared, stressed, thrilled … that’s my life right now. Next fall, I will officially enter the education program. I will officially be in the school system, working with students (in an ACADEMIC manner, not just TKD!). There’s a lot to do in preparation for this, and that’s stressing me out.

I’m so ready to move on with my life. I have been crawling down this path for 7 years now. Let me emphasize that: SEVEN YEARS. Seven years of keeping my nose to the grindstone, doing stuff I don’t like, as I made soul-crushingly slow progress. Seven years of almost stagnating. Seven years of putting my life on hold.

It’s all about to change. I’m so happy and enthusiastic that I sometimes want to bounce up and down, giggling wildly, when I realize that my life is about to go full-throttle forward. Most of my fellow students probably think that I’m slightly nuts with how excited I am. They’re much calmer than I am. But they also haven’t spent SEVEN YEARS working towards this goal. (Seven years ago, most of them had probably been in middle school. ACK!)

But it’s also a wee bit scary, as I prepare to jump into my new life. I’m leaving everything I know behind. And, underneath it all, there lies a scary thought – what if I’m wrong? What if I can’t really do it? What if I’m making a big mistake?

But I know that voice, I know those doubts. I also know how to fight it: Step by step, inch by inch, keep moving forward. IF you keep moving, eventually you get there. Mistakes are not failures; mistakes are just launching points to the next success.

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