Little Moments I Love

It amazes me how much the students can cheer me up, just by being themselves. My own problems seem to melt away, allowing me to live in the moment.   

A little girl grinned up at me, as if inviting me to share in a joke. I didn’t actually KNOW the joke, because she doesn’t talk much, but her expression left no doubt of her intention. I couldn’t help but grin back.

A boy, who has an identical twin, jumped in obvious celebration when he realized that I could tell the difference between him and his brother.

Two middle school girls were being rather hyper in the locker room as they retrieved their bags.  I raised an eyebrow and watched with a mock-puzzled expression. One girl noticed me watching, and stopped playing while smothering giggles at my expression. When the other girl noticed where her friend’s attention was, she turned to look. She squeaked when she saw me, then also calmed down while laughing.

A little girl follows me like a shadow, but when I turn to look at her, she yelps, “Oh no!! She’s going to get me!!” 

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