Seeing students improve makes my day!   There’s this one student that I’ve been working with over the past couple of months. Granted, I’m not the only one who’s worked with him, so I know my part of helping him improve is probably very small. However, I have seen the little shifts that occurred while […]

The student wasn’t getting the correct foot position for side kick, so I tried to explain what he needed to do. First, I tried to tell him: heel up, toes down. Then I watched him for any signs of improvements as he kicked. (As students typically cannot get it completely right immediately, I watch for […]

I’ve been pondering over last semester’s teaching experience. In distilling it, I’ve found both strengths and weaknesses. The main ones are:    My Strength The students were engaged in my lessons! I easily captured their attention. My proudest moment was on the day when my lesson centered around news sources. That day, a new doughnut […]