Take a Deep Breath, Then Call

“Who wants to work on their phone call skills?” My mentor-instructor glanced around the group. A few of us stuck our hands in the air. My own hand crept upwards, barely. He checked the hands. “One, two …” He glanced at my slightly-raised hand. “Two and a half…” I grinned at him.

Phone calls make me NERVOUS! With emails, I can double-check my words for clarity. With in-person conversations, I can double-check the person’s expression. With phones, though, I feel like I’m stumbling my way blindly through the conversation. Each time I make a phone call, I have to take in deep, calming breaths and assure myself that I will get through it. (I’d rather give a speech than make a phone call. How sad is that?)

I need to learn to do them, though. I will need to make phone calls with parents when I become a teacher. It’s best for me to get over my nerves now, as that will be less to overcome when I become a school teacher.

So … hand over the phone. I’ll do this.  

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