Who Am I to Talk?

I keep thinking of stuff to write, but I stop every time I try. One question keeps coming to mind, and I end up deleting the half-finished post. This question is:

Who am I to talk?

I’m not a teacher yet. What right do I have to go spouting off ideas? To start thinking of what may work or not? To start weaving philosophies about teaching?

For all I know, I may return to this blog and snicker over my foolishness, back before I became a teacher. I don’t even fully realize what curriculum I will be teaching yet – maybe my project ideas are silly bits that will never work. I don’t know yet. I’m not a teacher.

So who am I to talk?

But … but. I did NOT create this blog as a stage for me to become a sage. It’s not to shine a spotlight on The Wonderful Way of Teaching as proposed by me. It’s not to share my teaching philosophies with others.

The purpose of this blog is to give me a place to collect my thoughts and experiences. It’s a place for me to reflect, to parse information, which I do best by writing. And, maybe, hopefully, it will help me find like-minded people. Or maybe even some teachers who can give me helpful advice.

I am a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am an instructor in Tae Kwon Do. Surely this gives me SOME experience from which I can start drawing ideas?

I know that my posts have nothing to do with lessons plans or fitting into the common core yet. I haven’t learned these yet. Right now, I’m mostly trying to work on general teaching skills, while tossing in random, unpolished ideas that occur to me as I go along.

And yes, that means that maybe some of my ideas will never fly in an academic world. But I want to keep on writing, keep on trying. Even if I feel like I have no place to talk about the academic world – yet.

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