I tend to be hard on myself. For example, I recently helped in a summer camp for elementary-age children. At one point, a younger boy was obviously upset. I tried to help him feel better, but the situation rapidly became worse. Finally, I realized that my attention was feeding it. I stepped a bit away, […]

For every single instance I feel like I do well, there are many more times when I doubt that I handled the situation in the best manner. I’m a slight bit of a perfectionist (understatement of the year); I want to excel, which requires constant improvement. Improvement can only be obtained by seeing where you […]

I have been accused of being an idealist. Bushy-tailed and bright-eyed, I supposedly hold an unrealistic, overly-optimistic view of my potential impact as an educator. I can almost hear their thoughts: “Just wait until she really becomes a teacher – then she’ll see how impossible it is. No one can make a difference anymore, not […]

An idea that occurred to me, and I want to jot it down before it tumbles out of my memory: The main objective is to illustrate just how much a person’s point of view, their perspective, affects the information given. But … the students don’t know that. The lesson will introduced as an exercise in […]