Choose-Your-Own Adventure

Small group activity

Academic Objectives:

Promote Descriptive Writing
Story Elements (Plots, Resolutions, Characters, etc …)


This would be ideal if I can create a web development club, because this would be a neat and easy project for them. However, if not, I can see if either a) I have time to put up the sites or b) make a Choose-Your-Own Adventure booklet for the students. Online would be more fun, as it would feel more like a game rather than a book. And they could share the URL with friends, too!

Students have to create a story line with multiple lines to follow!

First, they decide on the story elements. (Multiple story elements depending on chosen line?)

Turn in, I review, then consult with them.

Once the story elements have been chosen, it’s writing time!

Next, they storyboard a general summary of what happens, laying out the adventure and possibilities.

After that has been reviewed and any changes met, they write the actual content of the game that will be published.

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